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Kategorie: Multiplayer

Hit each stripe pool ball 7 times, each coloured ball scores a different point, the black ball can only be destroyed once all other balls are destroyed and then a game is won. If t [...]
Be the first to goal 11 points - for 2 playersYou can play with a keyboard or Xbox360 gamepad. Credits : Creator - Romain PiersonMusic (1) - Midnight Stories by Vincent LantyMusic [...]
Establish an unbroken path of tiles of your colour from one side to the other in the direction indicated. You can also win by surrounding the other colour with your colour tiles. T [...]
People can't wait to be told what to buy! Make the best out of every commercial so you know they make the best choice.Every commercial is a microgame with unique mechanics.---- [...]
Race the other player to 10 pelletsW= Go UpA= Go LeftS= Go DownD= Go RightCollect Pellets to Score PointsUp Arrow= Go UpLeft Arrow= Go LeftDown Arrow= Go DownRight Arrow= Go Right
[Game Jam da ER-JEDi - November 2016]Tema: Que a força esteja com você!Há muito tempo atrás, existia um reino dividido por dois reis, um dos reis era egocê [...]
Online Peer to Peer real time multiplayer game with:- Fully functional Platformer style controls and mouse aiming.- Platformer style animation control in multiplayer environment.- [...]
Suh Dude ,this is a bootleg of tron.I only did this for my class.Its only a 2 player gameplayer1:WASDPlayer2:Arrow keyspress spacebar to restart
Each player chooses a green box and clicks on it when it is their turn. Roll a one to start, and roll every number to make a beetle before other players (parts must connect)[left c [...]
Choose if you are playing as noughts or as crosses. Take turns placingthem, and aim to have three of the same in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally[left click/touc [...]